Welcome to the DC PrimCare website!

The purpose of this website is to inform research and academic communities of the current research opportunities, accomplishments and services DCPrimCare PBRN offers. All feedback is welcome and we are always looking for ways to improve our website.

DC PrimCare's mission is to improve the understanding of health disparities in urban minorities. We believe in the development of practical strategies to promote prevention and enhance treatment of diseases common in minorities, particularly those of African Ancestry. The goal of DC PrimCare PBRN is to facilitate and provide resources for community-based primary care clinicians to address relevant issues regarding underserved populations and translate research into practice. DC PrimCare conducts research that addresses practical day-to-day concerns and is essential to solving the problem of health disparities.  

While research is hypothesis-driven, we want to ensure the research conducted by DC PrimCare reflects the interests and needs of its members and the D.C. metropolitan community. DC PrimCare conducts research that addresses health care needs of the poor and underserved, which is important to assure the overall health of the US population.  The cornerstone of care for this population is the community-based primary care clinician. 

DC PrimCare provides the best “real world” laboratory by allowing providers a chance to answer questions that affect their patients, community and practice. I encourage you to join DC PrimCare and actively participate in its research endeavors. This PBRN creates an opportunity for us as providers to gather information to affect policies in medicine that would otherwise be implemented with minimal provider input.

We look forward to your support as we take action to address our mission of improving the understanding of health disparities in urban minorities.


Pamela L. Carter-Nolan, Ph.D., MPH